Luke Course
November 27, 2023
7 months ago
Wodonga Billboards - Gawk Outdoor

Get ready, Wodonga! Gawk Outdoor is about to shake up the Wodonga advertising game with the all-new Digital Super 8 Billboard on High Street. This isn’t just any old billboard – it’s a fresh way for local businesses to get noticed and make a real impact. Stay tuned for the lowdown on how this game-changer is going to add a bunch of value to local businesses in Wodonga, Victoria.  

Wodonga Advertising: A Local Win

Beyond the scenic views, Wodonga, with its 43,694 folks, is gearing up for a big leap in advertising. The Digital Billboard coming to High Street isn’t just being built for show; it’s a whole new level of advertising for businesses in Wodonga and Albury.

Digital Billboards: Changing the Game

We’ve all seen regular billboards, right? Well, toss that idea out because Gawk Outdoor is bringing in a state-of-the-art digital billboard to shake things up. This isn’t just ads; it’s a new era for outdoor advertising hitting the Wodonga advertising scene full throttle.

Wodonga Digital Billboards

How Our Wodonga Billboard Works

Located on the key thoroughfare between Albury & Wodonga. This site has a comprehensive local audience from locals on both sides of the border. The joint population of Albury & Wodonga equates to approx. 100,000 people and is the strongest local economy in over a 100km radius.

Our newly developed site features an electronic billboard measuring in at an impressive 8.3 metres by 2.2 metres. Advertisers can book the digital billboard for short (4-25 weeks) and long-term (26+ weeks) campaigns depending on their business needs. 

Our LED screen offers the highest quality display available in Australia. Additionally, this electronic billboard allows for the showcasing of up to ten clients in rotation and each client can run up to four different creative pieces within a single ad set, providing advertisers with unparalleled flexibility.

With more than 336,000 cars passing by every four weeks, this site offers an exceptionally effective way to reach target audiences in Wodonga. 

How Wodonga Billboards Work

Gawk Outdoors Promise to Wodonga

We get Wodonga, and we get what local businesses need. Choosing 8 High Street for our Digital Billboard isn’t random; it’s us handing local businesses a powerful tool to boost visibility and engagement. 

Wodonga: Where Opportunities Flow

Situated near Albury, Wodonga is a buzzing economic hub. Tourists and locals alike enjoy things like Wodonga events, The Cube Wodonga, the Gateway Gallery, the Army Museum Bandiana, and more, creating a lively scene. And guess what? Our digital billboard is ready to ride this wave, giving local businesses a chance to shine in front of a broader audience.

Why Digital Billboards? 

As per the findings of the Outdoor Media Association (OMA) 2022 Annual Report, it has been revealed that Out-of-Home (OOH) advertising has secured a notable 12.1% share of the total Australian advertising expenditure, marking a noteworthy 1.7% increase from the previous year. 

Furthermore, the report highlights that Digital Out-of-Home (DOOH) revenue accounted for a substantial 64.1% of the overall net media revenue, showcasing a significant uptick from the 58.9% recorded during the corresponding period in the preceding year. These statistics underscore the growing prominence of OOH advertising, especially in its digital form, in the dynamic landscape of Australian advertising.

In addition to the evident eye-catching exposure that LED billboards offer for Wodonga advertising, we’ve outlined a few more reasons that may not have crossed your mind.

Enhanced Visibility:

  • Strategic Placement: The digital billboard is strategically placed in a high-traffic area, ensuring optimal visibility and exposure to a diverse audience.
  • Dynamic Content: Unlike traditional static billboards, the digital format allows for dynamic content changes, capturing and retaining viewer attention more effectively.

Modernizing Wodonga Advertising Practices:

  • Keeping Pace with Technology: Introducing a digital billboard aligns with the contemporary shift towards digital advertising solutions. It reflects an acknowledgment of the evolving preferences and expectations of the target audience.

Maximizing Impact for Businesses:

  • Increased Engagement: Digital billboards enable businesses to present engaging and interactive content, creating a more memorable impact on viewers.
  • Real-time Updates: Businesses can easily update their messages to align with promotions, events, or changing market dynamics, ensuring timely and relevant communication.

Competitive Edge for Local Businesses:

  • Standing Out in the Crowd: In a competitive market, a digital billboard provides a unique and visually compelling way for businesses to differentiate themselves and capture consumer attention.
  • Modern Image: For businesses in Wodonga, embracing digital advertising communicates a progressive and modern image, potentially attracting a tech-savvy consumer base.

Dual Impact for Wodonga and Albury:

  • Extended Reach: Situated near Albury, the digital billboard not only caters to Wodonga but extends its reach to the broader Albury region. This dual impact enhances the visibility and exposure of businesses looking for Wodonga advertising on the platform.

Community Connection:

  • Enhancing Local Connectivity: The digital billboard becomes a point of interest and conversation within the community, fostering a sense of local connectivity and awareness.

Wodonga Advertising: It’s a Local Thing

As Wodonga is one of the fastest-growing regional cities in Victoria according to the city of Wodonga, we wanted to provide local businesses with the opportunity to maximize their local reach. Our Digital Billboard isn’t just a fancy LED screen; it’s a direct line to the people of Wodonga, giving businesses an epic platform to showcase their business products and services. 

Wodonga Business Advertising

Perks for Local Businesses:

  • Hit the Bullseye: Your message lands right where it matters – High Street.
  • Switch Things Up: Easily tweak your content to match promos or the season.
  • Leave a Mark: Impress with eye-catching, high-res displays that stick with your audience.
  • Call To Action: Increase leads by having a concise call to action within the messaging on your ad.  

The Power of Outdoor Advertising 

Outdoor ads are all about making a statement. Now, add a Digital Out of Home (DOOH) twist, and you’ve got something dynamic and engaging. We’re throwing the invitation out to local businesses – let’s embrace the DOOH power and amp up your brand in Wodonga and Albury.

Wodonga and Albury: Double the Fun

Being close to Albury opens up a whole new world of opportunities for Wodonga businesses. The Digital Super 8 Billboard isn’t just for Wodonga; it’s reaching out to the broader Albury region, giving businesses a shot at double exposure.

Winning with Gawk Outdoor

Our electronic billboard isn’t merely another addition to Wodonga’s skyline; it signifies a commitment to better advertising days. Local businesses, now is the moment to explore possibilities, uncover perks, and envision the impact your brand can make with the power of digital out of home advertising. 

Wodonga Outdoor Advertising

Grab the Future of Wodonga Advertising

The Digital Super 8 Billboard coming to High Street is a push for change. It’s a real opportunity for local businesses to maximise their reach. Gawk Outdoor is pumped to lead the Wodonga advertising movement. Keep an eye out for updates as we gear up for the big reveal.

Got questions or want in on the Wodonga advertising hype? Contact us today! Businesses keen to jump on the Digital Billboard on High Street, Wodonga, are invited to shoot over an expression of interest. Let’s make some noise together!