Billboard Locations
Static billboards, globally recognized as outdoor advertising or out-of-home (OOH) advertising billboards, represent one of the oldest and most effective advertising mediums. Their signature large-format displays showcase dynamic and attention-grabbing content, with various sizes available, ranging from Posters (6m x 3m) to Super 8’s (8.3m x 2.2m) and Supersites (12.66m x 3.35m). Typically, billboard signage finds placement in areas teeming with foot or vehicle traffic, strategically lining highways and urban centres. Currently, billboards dominate the largest portion of the outdoor advertising market.
This rapidly expanding form of outdoor advertising stands as one of the fastest-growing sectors in the Australian advertising industry. Static billboards are widely used for their cost-effectiveness and simplicity. Advertisers design a single image or message, which is then printed and displayed for a predetermined duration, ensuring a consistent brand presence to a very wide audience.

What Is A Static Billboard
A static billboard, integral to billboard signage, represents a classic non-digital outdoor advertising display comprising a large, fixed panel or sign. Constructed from robust materials like weather-resistant vinyl, these static advertising panels are purposefully designed and manufactured to withstand all outdoor conditions in Australia.. 
How Do Static Billboards Work
Static billboards feature a constant and unchanging 24/7 display, offering a straightforward and cost-effective means of conveying messages to a wide audience in high-traffic locations. Advertisers can choose between running short or long-term campaigns based on their business goals and objectives. This form of billboard advertising is deemed highly effective, as alertness increases by 98% when people are outside their homes.
Why Static Billboards Work
Ever wondered why major brands continue to rely on static billboard advertising? It’s because static billboards strategically placed in busy areas ensure regular exposure to a large audience. The size and creative designs of these billboards attract attention, triggering a cognitive response from viewers. Their consistent visibility enhances brand recall, increasing the likelihood that people will remember and recognize the advertised brand or message in other contexts. Essentially, billboards leverage visibility, creativity, and repetition to create a lasting impression on individuals, establishing them as a credible and effective form of advertising. 
Static Billboards
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