Many advertisers find regional campaigns to be more cost effective. Incredibly, despite 36% of Australia's population living in Regional Areas, only 10% of advertising budgets are spent there. (source: Boomtown).

Your brand can stand out in regional markets. In metro markets people in capital cities see on average 30 outdoor advertisements each day
(source: OMA).
This could not be more different in regional markets – with very few ads competing for attention.

As an example – we have several sites that are the only billboard for over 200km of highway. How’s that for cut through with your message!
Did You Know?

We have the best digital portfolio of billboards in regional Victoria. Covering vital town centres within the state and capturing a range of valuable audiences. From tourism to agriculture, trades to business, regional advertising with Gawk has you covered.
Higher Share of Voice
According to research by the Outdoor Media Association in Australia’s five major capital cities people see 30 outdoor advertisements each day. Your message can be lost amongst such a large number of other campaigns. Regional outdoor advertising gives advertisers a significantly higher share of voice to an audience that sees only a handful of outdoor ads each day.
More Disposable Income
Due to lower housing and living costs, people in Regional Victoria have more disposable income. You can get your brand in front of this valuable audience.
High Car Use
According to the 2016 Census 90% of Regional Victorians drive to their place of work. Think of how many people will see your ad each and every day!
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