Luke Course
May 19, 2020
4 years ago

We could not be more excited to announce our new digital billboard which is now live. Located on Victoria’s Surf Coast in Torquay, this is a truly unique location.

The billboard in in the heart of Torquay’s Surf Precinct – opposite Surf City. This is an iconic surfing and tourism area – with flagship stores for Rip Curl, Quicksilver and many other surf brands.

This site allows advertisers to reach local and tourist traffic as it enters Torquay. Critically, it also captures tourist traffic coming back from the Great Ocean Road heading towards Geelong and Melbourne. This is a truly unique audience which cannot be replicated in such a targeted manner.

Torquay is the gateway to the Great Ocean Road which is one of Victoria’s primary tourism areas. According to Visit Victoria this region had 6.4 million visitors in 2019 – with 251,000 international visitors and 6.15 million domestic visitors.

You can see more information on this new site (here). Please reach out for more information, availability on this site will not last long!