Luke Course
March 24, 2020
4 years ago

Regional Billboard Co has expanded our presence in the key region of Western Victoria. These three new sites provide extra coverage along the Western Highway (Melbourne to Adelaide Route) in Nhill & Horsham, as well as an additional site in Ballarat.

The new site in Ballarat is on Learmonth Rd in Mitchell Park. This is one of the highest traffic locations in Ballarat. It is near the Ballarat Airport and on one of the major routes connecting the town centre and the Western Freeway. The quality of this billboard has been reinforced by Bendigo Bank being one of the inaugural advertisers. More details on the Ballarat site can be found here.

The new site in Horsham is RBC’s second billboard in Horsham. The smaller size in comparison to our existing site results in more affordable advertising rates – targeted at local businesses. It is the second highest traffic billboard location in Horsham, behind RBC’s existing site on Stawell Rd. More details are available here.

Nhill is a key town in Western Victoria that serves as a half way point for Adelaide to Melbourne traffic. This new billboard in Nhill provides advertisers with their last opportunity to reach traffic heading to SA, as well as traffic heading through Nhill, Horsham and Ballarat. Details on the site are available here.