Luke Course
October 27, 2021
3 years ago

Our site development team has been hard at work over the last few months searching throughout Regional Victoria for new places to make our mark.

One focus of the past 6 months has been working to fill in the blanks throughout Regional Victoria, where outdoor advertising may not be accessible or has limited reach.

Although this process takes a huge amount of work there are some moments of relief when scouting new locations, where the team gets a chance to hit the road (and the bakeries of course).

4 key new sites have recently gone up and are already advertising some of our frequent clients. These sites are all Static Super8’s standing at 8.3m x 2.2m high, with two sides available for showcasing some of Victoria’s favorite brands.

Find out more about our regional reach here.

Located at the entrance to Birchip on Birchip-Wycheproof Rd this site captures 6,860 cars (per 4-week period) including traffic near the corner of the Sunraysia Highway. The town is famous for its innovative agricultural practices, in the heart of Victoria’s cropping region. Both sides were quick to be gabbed up by two of our long-standing clients, Mobil Exxon and O’Connors; whose dealership is just up the road.

Find out more about our new Birchip site here.

Located on the Wimmera Highway, this site reaches 15,400 cars (per 4-week period) as well as parts of the Loddon Mallee and the Grampians regions; it also covers the dryland farming area south of the range of Mallee scrub, east of the South Australia border and north of the Great Dividing Range. The suburb of Murtoa is a wheat district town and famous for their agricultural practices. The eastbound side is currently occupied by Rural Bank and the other is booked to be displaying Federation Tafe later this year.

Find out more about our new Murtoa site here.

Our new Rutherglen site stands at 70-86 Fortune St, located heading out of the Port dedicated town capturing 40,320 cars (per 4-week period) and some traffic travelling towards Melbourne. Being one of Australia’s oldest and premier wine producing regions, we are reaching out to several wineries and vineyards to get them up on this new location. Currently both sides of this site are available, but we can’t say for how long!

Find out more about our new Rutherglen site here.

The business and services center of the northern Wimmera and southern Mallee districts, Warracknabeal gains a new billboard from us, located on the Henty Highway, capturing 26,600 cars (per 4-week period) of northbound traffic. This town is famous for its innovative agricultural practices, being located at the center of the major grain growing area of the State. The Northbound side of this site currently shows a new client of ours, The Creekside Hotel whose dining with a view can be reached just 700m past the billboard. The other side is displaying longtime client BASF and Federation TAFE early 2022.

Find out more about our new Warracknabeal site here.