Luke Course
October 13, 2021
3 years ago

OUT-OF-HOME advertising helps connect brands with all kinds of people attributed to its expansive range of audiences, and with its fast growth, it’s no surprise that businesses are rapidly expanding to meet the demand.

Gawk Outdoor was established by the brother duo Luke and James Course in 2018, previously known as Regional Billboard Co, and are leading the race in Regional Victoria for Outdoor Advertising, currently celebrating a milestone of 50 billboard sites around Regional VIC & SA, all owned and operated by Gawk.

Gawk Outdoor prides itself on its down to earth business strategy, working with businesses across all sizes and industries. The searching, building and growth of billboard sites is an essential aspect of increasing their reach across Regional VIC and closing the gaps for all business’ seeking Regional Outdoor Advertising.

From its first site erected in Portland on August 18, Gawk Outdoor has continued to grow and highlight a personalised focus on clients seeking easy and efficient advertising across Regional Victoria, being a previously un-touched market for Outdoor Advertising.

All 50 sites have been developed and built from scratch by Gawk. These include 3 key digital sites with another near future addition to that list going up in Ballarat in October, currently available for pre-booking. Apart from the 3 digital sites, the remaining billboards are static sites of varying sizes.

Behind ASX listed and national brand oOh! Media, Gawk Outdoor have the largest portfolio of sites in Regional Victoria and they aim to continue to see significant growth in the future with both their number of sites and reach throughout Regional VIC & SA.

More info for all of our sites across Regional Victoria can be found here.