Luke Course
May 10, 2019
5 years ago

One of the key symptoms of election time is the proliferation of political ads on billboards across Australia. The 2019 Federal Election has been no different in this respect, with tens of millions spent on outdoor advertising. Political Parties typically recognise the value of outdoor advertising in creating awareness of their candidates.

The 2019 election has been unique in one aspect in particular – the two major parties have been outspent! Clive Palmer’s United Australia Party have dominated all forms of media, with outdoor being no exception. It has been estimated that Big Clive has spent $30 – 60m in advertising, which far outpaces the major parties.

Typically advertising dollars are targeted at only the most marginal seats. In Regional Victoria we have seen the most money spent in Corangamite (Geelong), Nichols (Shepparton), Indi (Wodonga) and Bendigo.

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