Luke Course
August 24, 2018
6 years ago

Regional Billboard Co recently finished construction on a new billboard in Portland, VIC. This new site will provide a range of outdoor advertising solutions for both local businesses and national brands wanting to reach Portland and the Great South Coast.

Portland is one of the fastest growing tourism regions in Victoria with plenty to offer to visitors. Growth in tourism has been driven by whale watching, sport fishing and other outdoor activities.

The billboard is located on the Henty Highway and captures significant local traffic, and all traffic headed towards to busy Port of Portland which includes several thousand trucks each day.

The billboard has two advertising faces – a larger face (12.60m x 3.30m) which suits national campaigns, and a smaller face (8.3m x 2.2m) which is priced to attract local businesses.

The quality of this new site has been reinforced by initial advertisers that include Southwest TAFE, TAC and Telstra.