Luke Course
May 11, 2021
3 years ago

Ballarat is booming and we’ve just secured a new site to meet the growing demand for outdoor advertising in the region. 

This Super 8 billboard is located on one of Ballarat’s busiest arterials, the Midland Highway, in the suburb of Sebastopol.  Capturing two inbound lanes of traffic, the site reaches 252,000 vehicles per 4-week period.

Although one of Ballarat’s older and largest suburbs, Sebastopol is receiving $5million in funding for revitalisation and growth.  It is a light-industrial and residential area and also one of the most car-dependent areas in the city.

Not just a major thoroughfare for locals, the Midland Highway is the main route for travellers to and from Ballarat and Geelong.

More info can be found here.