Regional Billboard Co rebrands to Gawk Outdoor
From November 2020 Regional Billboard Co has been rebranded to Gawk Outdoor. You have been redirected to our new website!
Firstly, we would like to reinforce that nothing has changed behind the scenes. The business is still owned by Luke & James and we remain committed to our rapid growth.
We are excited to launch our new brand, which is aligned with our vision for the business. The Regional Billboard Co brand will remain dear to us – but we have outgrown it.
The Gawk Outdoor branding retains a lot of similarities but is a little more fun, playful and eye-catching. It is easy to forget that over 3 million cars drive past our billboards every week. We want to make sure we have a name and a logo that is memorable, eye-catching and reflects the personality of our business.
Regional Billboard Co took us from 1 billboard location to 40 locations – now Gawk Outdoor can take us towards 200!
We would love you to check out the new website!